Full Stack Developer

Part Time 👽

Hello! 👋

I am göksel özardalı.
I graduated from Yıldız Technical University. Currently, I am pursuing my master's degree at Başkent University, and I work as a full stack developer at MyNextMatch.

For more information, you can check out my about page and my CV.

💻 What am I working on?
On the programming side, I work with Java (Spring), PHP (Laravel), JavaScript (Vue.js, React)
On the database side, I use MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL
On the server side, I am familiar with Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu)
And other things like Docker, WordPress, Arduino, Scratch, Lego Mindstorms

🛠️ What tools am I using??
For IDEs, I use PhpStorm, IDEA, WebStorm and DataGrip
For the projects I develop, I use GitHub
For my professional life, I am active on LinkedIn
For social media, you can find me on Twitter and Instagram
For listening to music, I use Spotify
And for watching things, I use Twitch and Netflix

📮 How to reach me:

Stay awesome! 😎